Bangladesh Buddhist Association


The proud and glory of India and the golden culture & tradition of Bangladesh, the maximum credit of all these goes to Buddhist religion or Buddhists. For that reason, Buddhists are the most precious wealth of this continent. Noticing the extreme loss of Buddhists and their society, some scholar, intellectuals and social-workers has come forward to rescue this loss. From them the leading roll-player was the son of Zamindar (Land-lord) Nazir Krishna Chandra Chowdhury. His daily workplace was Chittagong Judge Court. He became out-casted establishing his identity as a Buddhist in Judge Court area. The then Buddhists were included in the 36 classes of Hindu. It was forbidden and great sin to eat with Brahmins or in their place. Nazir Krishna Chandra was also sued for breaking the rules. After founding him guilty he was axed from his job and given a highest punishment. From that punishment he was rescued by a Barua Judge.Reminding this situation Krishna Chandra gave attention towards unite the whole Buddhist community under one roof to collect the recognition of the entity of the community and purifying the religion. In this view Krishna Chandra was in a search of a equal minded and wise person. At that time Sathbaria, Mahamuni Pahartali and Chakaria’s Harbang village was very advanced and wealthy. U. Gunameju Mahathero of Harbang village was the renowned Abbot of not only Rakhain but also the whole Hill Tract area. Moreover, at that time the talent monk like U. Gunameju Mahathro was also rare. So, with giving the monk the leading role with some other intellectuals Nazir Krishna Chandra Chowdhury has established “Chittagong Buddhist Association” present “Bangladesh Buddhist Association” in 1887.After partition of British India the name was changed to Pakistan Buddhist Association and later on after the independence of the country the name has been changed to Bangladesh Buddhist Association. Ven U. Gunamejo Mahathero was given the role of founder president and the general secretary was Nazir Krishna Chandra Chowdhury. Ever since its inception in 1887 the association has been working for the regeneration of Theravada Buddhism in this region. Besides this, the Association has extended their activities in Humanitarian field, Education and in the cultural fields. We have been running a kindergarten school named as Dhamma Bangsha Institution for imparting basic education. We are also running a Pali College named as Dipankar Pali College for imparting religious education. A library along with a reading room named as Chintamoni Library enriched with rare and valuable books is very helpful to the scholars and research workers. The Association always extends their helping hands to the affected peoples in case of natural calamity like flood, cyclone, earthquake etc. our youth wing holds free medical camp periodically by bringing specialist physicians. They offer free medical service to the poor patients irrespective of caste and creed. Our youth wing also holds cultural competition every year to encourage the boys and girls to make them perfect in different fields of culture like music, arts etc. Bangladesh Buddhist Association has been playing its important role in the international fields. Being the Regional Center of the W.F.B our representatives are attending the conference regularly. The representative of our organization have been playing important roles by participating in deliberation of international conferences time to time.

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