Bangladesh Buddhist Association


Bangladesh Buddhist Association-Youth

With a view to inspiring the youths’ love and devotion for work and bringing in the beats of truth and fairness in their hearts eradiating the worn out stillness in them, today’s well-organized youth forum of Bangladesh Buddhist Association-Youth was formed in the 1981 as the Bangladesh regional centre of World Fellowship of Buddhists Youth (WFBY). Only the 18 and above aged young man of Bangladeshi Buddhist society can be a member of Bangladesh Buddhist Association-Youth. It was formed containing the following written ideology and purpose as part of measures for introducing development programs for the society. The flourishment of culture and education is not possible unless there is pulsation of creative intelligence and mind among out youths. So we urge all our young brothers to come forward at this crucial juncture of the society with individual and organizing intellects and undivided procedure of works for materializing the noble venture, aims and ideology of the Sangha. Bangladesh Buddhist Association-Youth calls upon for saving the religion and cultural heritages from downfall. It calls to restore the expected peace that was long cherished by the peace-seeking people but remained confined in the dreamy extravagance of power loving evil-force.

Bangladesh Buddhist Association- Women

The half portion population of the country and society is women. So, Bangladesh Buddhist Association has realized that to advance the country and society towards the prosperity it is necessary to take part of women in the society associations. Aiming this, Bangladesh Buddhist Association has formed Bangladesh Buddhist Association-Women in 1982. The 18 and above aged young women of Bangladeshi Buddhist society can be a member of Bangladesh Buddhist Association-Women.