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Pabbajja and Upasampada

Pabbajja and Upasampada are another important occasions of Buddhists. Pabbajja means ordination as a novice, which is done by donning the yellow robe after having shaved hair and beard and taking the vows of Tri-Sarana (three refuges- Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha) and the Dasasila (ten precepts). The ceremony is cinducted by a residen monk in a monastery in the presence of relatives and neighbours. The novice is called Samanera. Every Buddhist in Bangladesh has to be initiated to live as a Samanera at least once in his life-time for a minimum period of seven days. During this period he lives in a monastery and cuts himself off from the world and its ways. The Upasamada refers to the higher ordination which is bestowed on a monk only afer the completion of the 20th year of his life. He is taken as a full member of the Sangha and is called a Bhikkhu. He will be especially instructed in the Patimokkha, the code of discipline of the monks comprising 227 strict rules. Very lively and colorful fuctions are held on the occasion of both festivals in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. The Sangha Dana or Attha Parikkhara Dana and feast are held on both occasions.

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