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In 8 Km west of the city of Comilla there is the Moinamoti Lalmai Hill range beside the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Here, a copper-plate had found at the time of excavation in 1943 in which there is instance of the expansion of Buddhism, riches of Pattika Kingdom, the relation between Samathata & Arakan of this territory. In 1955-56 excavation many clay made plates, gold & bronze coins, Buddha statue and the ruins of Viharas and Stupas were found. Besides, the history from 7th to 12th century had found from the copper-plate. There are name of some Royal Families on that copper-plate. Those are- Buddhist Kharag Family, Buddhist Deva Family, Buddhist Chandra Family, Baishnab Burmese Family. Among those, Shalban Vihar of Moinamoti is a remarkable discovery. There are 4 walls surrounding of Shalban Vihar. The total amount of room is 115 in which the Buddhist monks studied and observed religious practices. There was only one door in north side. It has a deep similarity in case of building plan and clay made plate with the Paharpur’s Somapura Vihar. It is built according to the Kalasan Vihar of Java and the Ananda Mandir (temple) of Pogan, Myanmar. There are many ancient ruins like- Charpatra Mura, Boiragir Mura, Kotila Mura, Ananda Vihar, Voge King’s Mura, the Vihar of Rupban Kanya, Aduna-Paduna Mura, Pacca Mura, Kotebari etc. beside of the Moinamoti of which all are Buddhist Viharas or temples. Many ancient artifact like- ancient armors, copper-plates, coins, jewelries, bronze statues, burned clay-plates etc. found in Shalban Vihar. Shalban Vihar was built by the King of Buddhist Deva Family Bhabadev in 8th century and survived for 400 years. Kotila Mura, another Buddhist Temple in Moinamoti is situated 5 km away from Shalban Vihar. Its name is Tri-Ratna Stupa. This Stupa is the symbol of Tri-gem of Buddhism- Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha. The Tri-Stupa like this hasn’t been found anywhere in this country. Another Buddhist temple has found in Charpatra Mura. The Ananda Vihar is situated 3 Km away from Shalban Vihar. This is larger than the Shalban Vihar.

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