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The press release of the opinion sharing meeting of Bangladesh Buddhist Association about awareness of the falsehood of Dr. Jinabodhi Bhikkhu

Buddhism is the religion of peace and harmony. But Dr. Jinabodhi Bhikkhu is doing some unlawful and anti-religious works like- falsehood, violent activities, lawsuit etc. being a Buddhist monk. On 28 July, 2013 at 7.00 pm Bangladesh Buddhist Association (Bangladesh Bouddha Samiti) arranged a opinion sharing meeting and the speakers had expressed their opinion in above way.

The meeting was presided over by the United Nations Human Rights Association's award laureate national Buddhist leader Mr. Ajit Ranjan Barua. Among other speakers there was - Prof. Dr. Pravat Chandara Barua, Adv. Pravuti Ranjan Barua, Chairman of No. 6 Binajuri Union Mr. Sukumar Barua, Buddhist leader Mr. Anil Kumar Barua, Mr. Pranesh Kanti Barua, Mr. Sudip Barua, former trustee of Bangladesh Buddhist Religious Welfare Trust Mr. Sanat Kumar Talukder, President of Bangladesh Buddhist Association-Youth tax lawyer Mr. Joyshanto Bikash Barua & General Secretary Mr. Swapan Kumar Barua. Speakers evoked the people of Buddhist community to be aware of the falsehood and fictions of  Dr. Jinabodhi Bhikkhu who is confusing the whole community by the name of religion through human chain protest, press conference, memos etc. against Buddhist Association. They also said, Jinabodhi Bhikkhu was kicked off from India for creating such differentiation and now associated himself in creating the same situation here in Bangladeshi Buddhist Community. He has filed a case for demanding Chittagong Buddhist Monastery as the 'Sangha Property'. Besides till today he also filed 6 cases on the name of the members of Bangladesh Buddhist Association. On the contrary Bangladesh Buddhist Association has not yet filed any opposite case on it. Bangladesh Buddhist Association is a traditional organization founded in 1887 and working for the development of this region's Buddhism. The founder and former members of the association established Chittagong Buddhist Monastery later. And now it is regarded as the national Buddhist monastery of Bangladeshi Buddhists.

The press release of the opinion sharing meeting of Bangladesh Buddhist Association about awareness of the falsehood of  Dr. Jinabodhi Bhikkhu is given below.

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