Bangladesh Buddhist Association

Aims & Objects

Bangladesh Buddhist Associat0in has some aims and objects which are follows

  1. To work as a national organization for the betterment of religious, social, economical condition of Bangladeshi Buddhists and also the improvement of the country. The Buddhists of mainstream Theravada Buddhism of Bangladesh will manage this association.
  2. To awake the people in exercising Buddha’s message of harmlessness, similarity and amity by the mass publicity.
  3. To establish, manage and preserving the temples, altar and cultural center for spreading the Buddhist religious and national culture.
  4. Taking the initiative for establishment of Pali-tole, Pali College and Holy Tripitaka recitation and meditation center for giving the education of Buddhist religion and Pali in various Buddhist temples of urban and rural area.
  5. Taking the steps for introducing Buddhist religious practice that is, Pali language, literature and philosophy teaching in schools, colleges and universities through concerned authorities.
  6. Preserving the ancient Buddhist instance accurately which are spread in different parts of Bangladesh.
  7. Taking necessary steps for removing illiteracy. Such as- establishing library, museum, educational institution, monasteries, guest house, student hall, charitable hospital and orphanage etc.
  8. Publishing various Buddhist religious, society and history based newspapers, souvenirs and books etc.
  9. Keeping contact with Buddhist people living in different parts of Bangladesh for making the good relation to develop the religious, social, cultural and economical condition.
  10. Taking necessary initiative to uplift peace, happiness, reputation, rights and safety of country’s Buddhist community.
  11. Working with the Buddhist countries of the world and other international Buddhist organization by establishing a good relation for improvement of Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Buddhists. And if necessary association will work across the world.
  12. Forming the ancillary organization of Youth and Women for accomplishing the goals, spreading its activities.
  13. To collect the donation from the Government and devotees irrespective of nation and religion to develop our Buddhist religion, society and setting up cultural organization.
  14. Saving the Buddhist historical recognized and marked places and other Buddhist organization’s land from illegal interference.
  15. To organize seminar, symposium, debate and discussion on various religious and other issues for increasing the thinking, consciousness, intellectual of the members and society.