Bangladesh Buddhist Association

Renowned Monks

Pundit Ven.Sangharaja Joytipal Mahathero

He has born on 5th January, 1911 in the village Kemtoliy, Laksham, Comilla. His father’s name was Chandramoni Singha and mother’s name was Droupodi Bala Singha. He took Pavvajja (wandering asceticism) in 1929 and Upasampada in 1938 from the Upo-Sangharaja Ven. Gunalankar Mahasthavir. He passed the Tripitaka Expert from Kolkata Nalanda Vidyabhaban and gained the Gold Medal from Pali & Sanskrit Board. He was related with many organizations for a long time and brought welfare for the country and society. From those, in most of the organizations he was the Chairman or Presidents, like- Comilla-Noakhali Buddhist Association, Sambodhi Society of Bangladesh, Baraigaon Joytipal Orphanage, Baraigaon Girl’s High School, Baraigaon Joytipal Orphan High School, Bangladesh Buddhist Kristi Prachar Sangha, Asian Buddhist Peace Organization-Bangladesh Chapter, Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahamandal, Bangladesh Social Welfare Organization and the Holy Tripitaka presenter of Bangladesh Betar (Radio). He has written many books on Buddhism and other topics. He also played an important role in the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. At the time of war he has collected recognition from Buddhist country- Japan, Thailand and Sri Lank. Many newspapers and national media published many interviews of him. In 1999 Voice Of America (VOA) has also telecasted an interview on the role of Joytipal Mahathero in the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Ven. Joytipal Mahathero participated in many international Buddhist conferences on which, World Peace Conference in Japan and U.S.A., the founding anniversary of World Religious Peace Organization in Russia and the conference of Asian Peace Organization in Mongolia etc. are mentionable. He breathed his last in 2003.

Deputy-Sangharaja Sasanasree Mahasthavir

Ven Sasanasree Mahasthavir was born on 23 November, 1921 in the village of Mijorituli, Banskhali, Chittagong. His father’s name was Mr. Keshab Chandra Barua, and mother was Banshini Bala Barua. He passed 9th standard in British reign. He has taken the wandering asceticism from 7th Sangharaja Abhaytissa Mahasthavir in 1933 and taken the Upasampada from U. Ketu Mala in 1943.he has given the position of Abbot of Kotebazar West Ratna Vihar. He participated in the holy occasion of establishing the relic of ‘Sariputta’ and ‘Modhgallayana’ of the invitation of Indian Mahabodhi Society. In 1956 he established Janasen Pali Tole in Ukhiya Purbaratna Vihara. He went pilgrimage in 1964. He has become the abbot of Oshakhain Vihara and elected as the President of Saptagram Prajnatissa Smriti in 1978. In 1968 he became the founder Secretary of Abhaytissa Sheba Samiti and laten on became the President. He was also the abbot of Manoranjan Vihar in 1984 and was the president of Saptagram Sasana Kalyan Religious Educational Council in 1990. He was elected as the President of Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha in 1993. He became the Vice-Sangharaja of Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha in 1998.

World Citizen Dr. Dharma Kirti Bhikkhu

Ven. Dr. Dharmakirti Bhikkhu was born in the village of Nababpur (Damdama) of Miraswarai Thana of Chittagong district on 6 March, 1968. His father’s name was Foni Bhusan Barua and mother’s name was Jagatjoyti Barua. He took wandering asceticism to Vice-Sangharaja Ananda Mahathero when he was in class 4 in 1981. He then taken Upasampada or as full monk in 1988 to both Ven. Ananda Mahathero and His Holiness the 8th Sangharaja Shilalankar Mahathero. He passed SSC in 1988, HSC in 1990, B.A. in 1992 from Nijampur College and M.A. in 1994 from University of Chittagong. He studied the Tripitaka Expert from 1986 to 1984. He also passed Pali Sutta, Vinay, Abhidhmma, Addya, Maddha, Upadhi exams from Damdama Pali College under Bangladesh Sanskrit & Pali Education Board, Dhaka. In 2001 European Union University of U.S.A has given him the Honorary Doctorate degree. Dr. Dharma Kirti Bhikkhu is involved with many national and international organizations in past and present. He was the Joint Secretary in 1990, active member in 1995 and Education & Cultural Editor in 1998 of Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha (The Supreme Sangha Council of Bangladesh) and the Vice-Secretary of Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahamandal in 1990. Besides, he also involved with many student council and acted as a VP and GS. He was the Professor of Damdama Pali College from 1988 to 1995, Lecturer of Rangunia Hasina Jamal Degree College from 2000. He is the Vice Chairman of University of Chittagong Oriental Language Council in 1994. Besides, he was the active member of Buddha’s Light International Organization, Saran, and International Buddhist Advacement etc. national and international organization. At present he is the member of the International Association of Religious Freedom (IARF) of United Nations, Progress Agency- New York, World Psychic Council and World Parliament Association. In 1995 U.S.A.’s World Psychic Council has awarded him the World Citizenship. He also established several organizations – Nizampur College Buddhist Student Council in 1989, Dumdama Abhaysaran Buddhist Orphanage in 1988 which is approved by government, Ananda Mahathero Memorial Association and Turst in 1995-96. He also participated in many international conferences and meetings. He participated in the conference of United Nation’s International Association of Religious Freedom in 1993 in which he gave speech on Buddhism and World Peace which was telecasted in the whole world through BBC and CNN. The same year he was in the delegation group for the conference of Inter Religious Faith in Delhi where he met with His Excellency the President of India Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, Prime Minister P.V. Narsima Rao, International Buddhist leader Dalai Lama and other world leaders. He also wrote several books.

Agga-Mahapundit Shilalankar Mahathero

His holiness Sangharaja Agga-Mahapundit Shilalankar Mahathero was born on 21 June, 1900 in the Nanupur village of Fatikchari Thana. His father’s name was Joydhan Barua and mother’s name was Shyamaboti Barua. He had taken wandering asceticism from Pundit U. Sumangal Mahasthavir of Arakan in 1921 and Upasampada from Agga-Mahapundit Prajnaloke Mahasthavir’s supervision and Mahapundit U. Tejaraj Mahasthavir’s instructions. He passed 8th standard from J.M. Sen High School in 1924, studied the Holy Tripitaka from Mahapundit Uposen Mahasthavir in the Saddhammodoy Pariben of Sri Lanka in 1924, stayed in the Yangoon Dhammadut Vihara with Achariya Prajnaloke Mahasthavir in 1927, concentrated in literature study in the national institution of Bangladeshi Buddhists “Bouddha Dhammankur Vihara” in Kolkata in 1930. At the time of staying in Yangoon Dhammadut Vihara he edited the newspaper ‘Shakti’, established by Acharya Prajnaloke Mahasthavir in 1933. He took part in the General and Atomic weapon Disarmament World Conference in Japan in 1981. On 26 February, 1975 he was elected as the Sangharaja of Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha. He went to Thailand for second time for handing over the Sacred Hair Relic of Buddha to Janabiriya Mahasthavir of Thailand from Chittagong Buddhist Monastery and got a royal reception. He also represented the Buddhists of Bangladesh in the Asian Buddhist Peace conference held at Mongolia and Soviet Union (Russia) in 1979. Agga-Mahapundit Shilalankar Mahasthavir wrote a number of religious and other informative books. His remarkable books are – Rahul Charita (1930), Ajata Satru (1934), Dhammapad Attakatha (1931), Bimanbatthu (1938), Bouddha Juge Bouddha Nari (1939), Bisakha (1964), Jibaka (1965), Bouddha Niti Monjuri (1965), Ananda (1966), Jatakaboli (1968) etc. He also awarded many title, such as- Sahitya Ratna (1966) by Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha, Aggasaddhammajoytikadhaja (1999) by Government of Myanmar and Aggamahapundit (2000) by Bangladesh Sagharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha. Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha celebrated his hundred years of birth in 2000. He died on 23 March, 2000 in Mirzapur Shantidham Vihar and his cremation was held according to national and international manner.

Agga-Mahapundit Dharmadhar Mahasthavir

Agga-Mahapundit Ven. Dharmadhar Mahasthavir born on 27 July,1901 in Dharmapur village of Fatikchari Thana. His father was Pundit Harchandra Barua and mother was Praneswari Barua. He passed 6th standard in British period. He took wandering asceticism on 26 June, 1914 and Upasampada on 26 December, 1922 from Dharmakathik Mahasthavir. He studied the Holy Tripitaka to the renowned Sri Lankan religious teacher Mahacharya Uposen Mhasthavir in 1928. Then he went to Myanmar in 1932 and got the reception in the Yangoon Dhammadut Vihara which was presided over by the Aggamahapundit Prajnaloke Mahasthavir. In 1933 he was elected as the Secretary of Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahamandal. He founded Mahamuni Pali College in 1933 and gave religious education to the raising monk sangha as the Principal. He passed the Abhidhamma exam from Bangia Sanskrit College in 1st class in 1934. He was crowned as the ‘Rajguru’ by the King of Hill Tract. He gained the gold medal in Sutta Pitaka exam from the same college he passed Abhidhamma exam. He had given the post of Secretary in Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha in 1940. In 1947 he was elected as the President of Bouddha Dhammankur Sabha of Kolkata and Abbot of Dhammankur Vihara. He participated as a member in the 6th Sangitee for quarter thousand years of Buddha in 1956. He joined as the Professor in the University of Kolkata in 1965. He gave a valuable speech in the World Buddhist Organization conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka representing India. After founding of Indian Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha in 1974, he was elected as the President and Sangharaja. He also wrote some books. Those are- Buddha Vandana (1938), Dhammapad (1954), Maddham Nikay (1954), Sasana Bansha (1962), Milinda Prasna (1977), Adhimash Binischoy (1963), Saddharmer Punurutthan (1964), Buddher Dharma O Dharshan (1974). He was given some honorary and titles from – Sarbadarshan Achariya by Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha in 1966, Vice-Sangharaja in 1973, Indian President Award in 1991, Dr. B.C. Shaha Gold Medal by Asiatic Society in 1998 and Agga-Mahapundit by Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha in 2000. He breathed his last on 4 November, 2000 in Vipasana Meditation Center in Pottery road, Kolkata.