Bangladesh Buddhist Association


It has a museum which contain the scarce Relics of The Lord Buddha and also many more conspicuous objects.

The Sacred Hair Relics of Lord Buddha

During the thirties a Tibetan tourist monk named Ven. Sakya came to Chittagong to see the condition of Buddhists here. And after visiting various parts of Chittagong he stayed in this monastery for a few days and donated a bunch of sacred Hair Relics of Lord Buddha to Aggamahapandit Dhammawangsha Mahathero, the then president of Chittagong Buddhsit Association and High Priest of the Monastery. Later on, the Relics came under the custody of Ven. Dipankar Shriganan Mahathero, his successor. The Sacred Relics remained in his custody for many years without much publicity. In 1958, the Govt. of Sri Lanka became eager to take some portion of sacred Hair Relics to their country on Govt. level. Accordingly a part of the Hair Relics was handed over to the Govt. of Sri Lanka under the guidance of the Govt. of Pakistan by Ven. Dipankar Sriganan Mahathro, the then President of Chittagong Buddhist Association and Chief abbot of Chittagong Buddhist Monastery. The holy handing over ceremony was held in Karachi in the year 1958. It was placed in a stupa in Madanpe Sri Lanka. Mr. Matsutaro Soraki, who was renowned politician and editor of the Yumuri Shimbun approached Govt. of Pakistan through Govt. of Japan in 1964 to receive a portion of sacred Hair Relics for the people of Japan. Accordingly with the cooperation of the Pakistan Buddhist Association a portion of sacred Hair Relics was handed over to Mr. Soraki on September 25, 1964 in presence of the representatives of both the Governments by Ven. Dipankar Srijnan Mahathero, the President of Pakistan Buddhist Association and Chief Abbot of Chittagong Buddhist Monastery. In 1979 another portion of sacred Hair Relics was handed over to Thailand which is now being preserved at Wat Dhammamongol, Sukumvit, Bangkok. Presently, Bangladesh Buddhist Association has handed over another portion of the sacred Hair Relics to Madampe Sananayaka Trust, Sri Lanka on the 18th July, 2007 in a colorful ceremony in the premises of Chittagong Buddhist Monastery. The honorable Foreign Minister along with other four Ministers and His Excellency Mr. Krisnamurti, the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka and the Honorable Advisor on Foreign Affairs, Honorable Advisor on Religious affairs of Care-Taker Govt. of Bangladesh were present on that holy occasion.