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Vasu Vihar

Vasu Vihar is another ancient Buddhist heritage situated nearly six kilometers to the west from Mahasthangarh. After this Vasu Vihar village, the village Bihar is situated. Famous Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang (mid part of the 7th century) described in his travel account that he saw a “Po-shi-po” monastery four miles away from Mahasthangarh. Sir A. Cunningham definitely marked Vasu Vihar as the remains of “Po-shi-po” Vihar. Hieun Tsang descrideb this temple a famous one for its area, hight etc. At least seven hundred monks of Mahayana tradition stayed in this monastery and many scholar monks and intellectuals would assemble here. A bit far away from this monastery, Emperor Ashoka built up a stupa in a place where Buddha explained his teachings to the gods and goddesses. Very near to that place there was a rest house for Buddha. Still there is a footprint of Buddha. Hieun Tsang also described that a bit far away there was a statue of Avalokiteswar. It would express divine power by its extra mundane events. But there is a controversy about the location of Ashoka Stupa. According to Cunningham at Vasu Vihar Village “The Narapatir Dhap” bears the testimony of the remains of Ashoka Stupa.

Narapatir Dhap

Narapatir Dhap is very much close to Vasu Vihar as has been described by the look-up authority. Vasu Vihar consists of two Sangharams (monks residences). Smaller one in the north-south, it is 162 feet and in the East-West direction and 152 feet long. There were 26 small rooms for the monks. In front of the rooms surrounding four sides there was one verandah and in front of th eastern side in tis center remains of a gate has been found. A bit larger the second building is same as the first building in its floor plan and architectural design. It is of 188 feet X 162 feet in length and breadth. Centrally there was not found any temple like Somapura Monastery. Attached to the monastery the area of the temple was 125 feet X 85 feet and it is northwards. Surrounding this there was a walking way built up step by step. A square mandap of 15 feet is situated at the center of the temple. The foundation of the walsing way built up in three states was beautifully decoreated with series of bricks. Besides this diversity has been created at the foundation of the temple by many decorated bricks and grilled panel.