Bangladesh Buddhist Association

School & College

In ancient Buddhist era, the Buddha Viharas/Temples were the main center of education. So, like that CBM has also working as the center of education. It has a school and a Pali College.

Dharma Bangsha (D.B.) Institution

Dharma Bangsha Institution is an ideal children education institute (Kindergarten School). In the view of educating the future generation with modern education, this school had formed in 1992 with the endeavor and cooperation of Bangladesh Buddhist Association. The name of this school has been named after Chittagong Buddhist Monastery’s late Abbot Pundit Dharma Bangsha Mahathero.

Dipankar Pali College

“Dipankar Pali College”, named after the renowned monk of Buddhist community “Ven. Dipankar Srijyan” who was the abbot of Chittagong Buddhist Monastery and the Chairman of Bangladesh Buddhist Association. There is qualified teacher in this college who teach the students Pali language and literature. Many students come here for acquiring knowledge. This college is under controlled by the Bangladesh Sanskrit & Pali Education Board.

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