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Kathin Chivar Dana

Kathin Chivar Dana or the offering of yellow robe is one of the most important festival of Buddhists, which is held in a monastery in a year beginning from the next day the Pavarana Punnama to the eve of the full moon day of the Kattikiya Punnama, extending nearly a month. The Dana mainly consists of trichivara (three robes) offered to the resident monk as well as the Bhikkhu Sangha after the expiry of the three-month Lent. It is significant to note that the festival cannot be held in a monastery where the resident monk does not observe the Lent. The Dana is regarded as a distinguishing feature of the Buddha’s teaching. The Buddha in his various discourses in the Vinaya Pitaka lays emphasis on pleasure charity, morality of heaven, avoidance of lusts, disadvantages of sensual pleasure and merits of renunciation. The Dana is also one of the Dasa-Paramis (ten virtues) which the Bodhisatta is required to attain Buddhahood. By this act of charity and piety, social service is done, honour is shown to the dead relatives, strength is given to the Bhikkhu Sangha and great merit is acquired by the donor.

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